Monday, March 06, 2006

This person is on welfare and lies about everything!

Do you beleive that Michael Cartwright is crazy? I sure do!

This delusional is posting shit about "Rensselaer County, owned and run by pimps and prostitutes"! What the heck is this about?

Then he talks about how he got arrested for stalking some girl named Mary! He then states that he made harassing phone calls to that chicks place of employment!

"Rensselaer County, owned and run by pimps and prostitutes
Welcome to Issue 20 of the Schodack Patriot, an informative newsletter that guarantees its citizens an anonymous voice on the subject of political corruption in the local community, town, county and the surrounding areas. It is the Patriot’s intention to keep such injustices before the public eye so that the public will be kept aware of the crimes being committed against them and exactly how their taxpayer dollars are being spent. Perhaps, in some small way we can help keep our elected officials honest and serving the public the way they pledged at the time of their election.The Patriot consists of a small group of reporters who have decided to freelance outside the AP. There are too many times the truth is withheld from the public due to media policies, restrictions, political pressure and/or biased reporting. Somewhere and somehow the truth has to be told without prejudice. This small group of reporters can attest to this fact and follow through first hand. “And the truth will set you free.”We have been purposely quiet and biding our time since the last issue of the Patriot was aired for a very good reason: We have been sitting tight in the “eye of a legal storm” that is about to erupt sometime during the month of March in Rensselaer County. We have been requested by those who are handling the legal preparations to keep a low profile at present, and not divulge any of the names, dates or impending actions involving Rensselaer County, the town of Schodack and all its’ political officers and/or agencies. What we have been promised in return is exclusive coverage of the devastation as it exposes to the public, nationwide, all the corrupt policies and the corrupt elected officials in and around Rensselaer County and in the town of Schodack.Underneath it all, nothing much has changed. The decay is still there and as deeply imbedded as usual involving the political appointees running the County and the Town. Mr. Kellogg still has a case pending against Mr. Cartwright for stalking. That case has been postponed so many times we have lost count. The last we heard, Mr. Kellogg was ordered “to produce” evidence of this alleged stalking charge. Since the charge was filed back in November 2005 he should have had enough time to come up with something by now, wouldn’t you think? One tape with an angry message threatening legal action doesn’t constitute stalking. According to the Cartwrights, Mr. Kellogg should have spoken to Tim Nugent before filing because Mr. Nugent tried to file the same sort of charges with a witness in tow and it came to naught, zip, zero, nada. We checked the old court records for confirmation. Also, for the record, one call six months to a year apart does not constitute stalking, Mr. Kellogg, nor does raising your voice or speaking loudly. You don’t have to be a legal genius to figure that out, but then again, we are dealing with corrupt courts, judges, police and elected local public officials. We will be watching their every move and waiting for the outcome of this monstrous fiasco. From the Patriot’s point of view, you are all extremely lucky that Mr. Cartwright is not a violent man. We have spoken to him many times and outside of talking loudly, raising his voice and/or yelling (which seems to be a universal trait in many Irishmen) he has never so much as lifted a finger against anyone or made any threats of physical harm in his lifetime. He has been extremely tolerant over the past five years as the whole local corrupt system persecuted him and his wife and children. Truthfully, the Patriot is in awe at the amount of mental anguish and pressure Mr. Cartwright has had to endure to hold his family together in the path of such violent maltreatment. We can only applaud him as a true survivor fighting 24/7 for his right to own and run a business in the true American way, and to raise his family as he and his wife sees fit in a free society. Bottom line, Mr. Cartwright has absolutely no idea why the politicians and agencies in and around Rensselaer County and in particular, the town of Schodack persist in attacking him and continue to pursue him so viciously. At this point we fully expect this gang of thugs to try and stage another car accident, after all they are watching the Cartwright's every move at this very moment. How desprate you become when things don't go your way. As was mentioned previously, the attacks started the day he walked into the County Executive’s Office applying for R.E.A.P.and when Kathleen Jemino together with Mary Sophia saw the monetary potential of his business, PDS and his I-Web application. Mr. Cartwright states that once they received a copy of his business plan, which was then passed on to county and town political officers, agencies, businesses, etc., the bogus charges against him started with a vengeance. Before that point he was never in his lifetime, ever pulled into jail or arrested for so much as a hangnail. The Patriot did some digging and Mr. Cartwright is right on the money. He has no prior police records. And something we also discovered; all the cases against Mr. Cartwright were/are repeatedly filed by the same people: Kellogg, SBA members (Secor, Goold, Nugent,), Sophia, and both Carol and Dan Marcella. Behind the scenes are Mitch Goldstein and David Wojeski also orchestrating the mess. On a personal note, after following this story, investigating and writing about it, the reporters on the Patriot thank God for two things: That they don’t own something valuable enough worth stealing and that they don’t have lying, slanderous, money-grabbing crazy in-laws bent on the destruction and inhalation of their children and grandchildren. It’s like we are viewing a three-ring circus with a strutting, arrogant, empty-headed Tim Nugent as the ringmaster, a dictatorial Beth Secor with her SBA puppet-cronies in the center ring, Kathy Jemino trying to cover-up her involvement dancing a jig in one side ring and the SBA with procurers David Wojeski and Mike Kellogg dancing a jig in the other. And we all know that the owner of the circus, lock, stock and barrel and playing the tune is the fanatical, crazy Dan Marcella with his partner, Mary Sophia. We will be interested in the outcome of all these false, ridiculous charges filed against the Cartwrights.We also took time out and witnessed, first hand, the way the Schodack and Rensselaer Courts are administered. Regrettably, justice is given selectively, depending who is brought before the bench and who is administering the justice. It is with deep sorrow that we witnessed justice swayed by bribes, collusion, slander, and lies. We witnessed as justice turned up its’ underbelly for all to see where rot prevailed over integrity, honesty and fairness. Tell us, Kathy Jemino, how can you sleep at night in good conscience when you continue to allow illegal porn, white slavery and prostitution to survive and profit in and around your County and in Schodack? Do you have so little self-respect that you plot and continue to harass, persecute and try to destroy a family rather than make financial restitution for the five years of physical and mental damage you have allowed under your direction? We can guarantee the day for truth and the administration of justice is coming, and no one will be legally spared. And Rensselaer County and the Town of Schodack, its’ courts, its’ Justices/Judges, its’ attorneys and its’ political and law enforcement agencies brought it all down on themselves. Mr. Cartwright implored you all to cease and desist five years ago. He and his wife tried many times within the five years to make some sort of peace to stop the persecution so that the County and Town would leave them alone, but you all laughed at him and just increased the viciousness when he refused to divorce his wife and hand over his company. Now you are trying to take his children away from him and there is no action lower than that in anybody’s book: the names of Jemino, Sophia, Marcella, Kellogg, Wojeski, Secor, Goold and Nugent should be legally eradicated from the face of the earth. There are no adjectives low enough or sleazy enough to describe them and their warped actions whether directly or indirectly carried out.As stated above, just out of curiosity, myself and another reporter and colleague on the Patriot decided to witness, first hand, how the Rensselaer County Court System really behaves and deals with its’ cases, so we stood out in the hall, listened and noted how another bogus case involving the Cartwrights was being heard and how blatantly and “above the law” the Cartwrights were being railroaded. This time the case involves Carol Marcella demanding visitation with the Cartwright’s three children. This case should never have been honored but dismissed at the previous hearing, but because the Marcellas filed it, it was adjourned and took place on Tuesday, February 28th. We are only taking an educated guess here, but it seems that the interim gave the Schodack and Rensselaer County court, lawyers and advocate time to plan their objective to sabotage the Cartwrights, via kingpin, Kathy Jemino of the Rensselaer County Executive Office. They seem to think that they are all above the law. The family court judge on the bench Tuesday was, the Hon. Catherine Cholakis, and we use the term, Honorable, loosely at this time. Cholakis not only allowed Marcella to turn the case into a mini-custody battle because of the ambiguous wording of the original charges filed, she threw Mr. Cartwright out of the courtroom when he blew up at the suggestion that they send someone into his home to evaluate him, his wife and the children. They put credibility to the lies and slanderous remarks made by Carol Marcella as she insinuated that the children’s mother and father (Michael and Andrea Cartwright) are unfit parents and what a wonderful healthy relationship she had with her grandchildren three or more years ago. As we listened we were dumfounded at this blatant attempt to railroad the Cartwrights and that the case was even honored by Cholakis. Mrs. Cartwright told Cholakis, point blank, that she sought legal counsel and was told that the case for visitation had no validity and should be dismissed. When Mrs. Cartwright refused to divulge the name of her attorney (under advisement since he is filing other cases on the Cartwrights’ behalf) Cholakis not only got angry, but also refused to listen to anything else Mrs. Cartwright had to say on the matter of her or her children as a parent, and totally ignored her. Cholakis continued to drag out the hearing, listening only to Marcella and her attorney. Funny how Cholakis admitted Andrea was emancipated at 18 years, but at 36 years lost her emancipation and the right to decide what is best for her children in the face of a Marcella. Even the child advocate who was there, supposedly representing the children, was suggesting home scrutiny of the parents and the children (We thought this was a visitation case? Sounds like a custody battle to us. Particularly when the Cartwrights were told to get a Public Defender to represent them at the next hearing. ) We would like to know, Catherine Cholakis, where’s the justice you administered on this case in the Schodack Court? Perhaps next time it will be an Aunt or an Uncle or a Godparent or a intimate friend suing for visitation and under your jurisdiction since the Cartwrights lost their emancipation at 36-38 years to rule their own lives and that of their children, we will we have to go through this miscarriage of justice again, and again, and again. But, you’re the judge…and we were warned by some of the Schodack residents that the there is a saying in Schodack that goes, “Here comes the judge, here comes the judge…Look out!” You, dear reader, can take it from there. If it can happen to the Cartwrights it can happen to you. We reiterate: under the present political administration in Rensselaer County and the Town of Schodack, no one is safe and as Beth Secor stated, this town and your lives are hers. Mr. Cartwright states that Mary Sophia offered $60K for his company some years back when this all began but he had to get out of the house (divorce his wife and abandon his children) and hand over his application. Understandably, he got angry, told Sophia she was a joke, and that the “Gang”, the town, and the county owed him millions in damages. Mr. Cartwright states that after he made that remark, Mary Sophia said, verbatim, “That’s it! Say good bye to your children!” Even the Patriot can see the writing on the wall from here, and it stinks to high heaven. What the Patriot would like to know is how our local and county politicians became involved in a private hate vendetta started ten years ago by Dan Marcella, a driven fanatical, crazy old man who is a pimp, holes up in his house surrounded by surveillance cameras and security systems like a rat in a sewer, is knowingly allowed to hack, disrupt and spam private, state and interstate systems on his computer 24/7, can get away with filing bogus lawsuits via the local and county courts, is proficient in causing havoc by bribing, lying, slandering, interfering in businesses practices, and blackmailing, and is guilty of prostituting his family into an immoral lifestyle. And let us not forget his partner in crime, Mary Sophia who is just as guilty of the same crimes against the Cartwrights and society in general and has been for the past ten years. They should both be tarred and feathered. Why their criminal activities are tolerated and why they are allowed to create such havoc is beyond comprehension. When faced with a cancer, the logical move is to cut it out and destroy it along with all other cancers surrounding it. Why isn’t something being done with these two cancerous blemishes on society. Schodack and the community at large will never be safe as long as “mad-hatters” such as Dan and Mary are allowed to dictate orders regarding the lives of others. They cannot be allowed to continue and survive to hunt another day."

Stuff in blue is from Cartwright's website